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Refund Policy Reminder

When registering for this course you acknowledged that you read our refund policy in our catalog.  As a reminder any refund will be  minus the $100 for the application fees.  Also depending on the time you withdrew from the course there may be additional fees.  Click the link below to see the refund policy.  Our school only accepts withdrawals via writing by completing this form a paper form at school office.



Online Withdrawal Form Message

We have received your withdrawal form and we are sorry to see you go!  Please remember to email our director at to see if there are any possible solutions to transfer to a different class etc or if you have any questions.  If not you will get a refund per our refund policy listed in our catalog with in 45 days back to the debit/credit card used online or if you paid cash it will be mailed to you with address on withdrawal form.



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