Phlebotomy Portal

All Documents must be in 1 week before class to remain on the roster.


Phlebotomy Hybrid Information


1) Transcripts

We will need a copy of your high school or GED or College transcripts for your file.  It does not have to be official. You should get them mailed or emailed to you and bring them to our office.

Call your school or go on their website to confirm how to get a copy.  Or you may Google any transcript ordering service online to obtain it.

If you have made every attempt to get your transcript by the due date and was unsuccessful by due date notify us via email at


2) Identification

A copy of a valid picture ID and social security card (no work only permits) must be a valid Social Security Card and you must be a US citizen.


Submitting your documents

Scan your documents to and bring your SS card to the first day of class.


Student Catalog

We will have all the policies and procedures for the school in our student catalog, please print for your records.   Please read it and you may download and print it and bring to class.  You can save to a jump drive and print it at office depot or library.  Or you may just save on your computer for your records.

Student Catalog Click Here 



 What to wear to class
Nursing uniform or scrubs and closed toe shoes (tennis shoes or nursing shoes)
No specific color is require.  You may go to the good will, walmart, Expressions Uniforms in Greensboro, or any uniform outlet.