Phlebotomy Portal

Congratulations!  Now that you have completed the Phlebotomy Course/Refresher Course here are instructions to help you successful in passing the NHA exam to become a certified phlebotomist!  


The first step is creating your account with NHA.  This may have been done in class.  The next step is ordering your online study questions. The Key to passing the exam is to order and complete study questions. 

See below on how to create an account and to order your study questions after you create your NHA Account

 Study Questions Instructions Link

Please be sure you select CPT Online Study Questions 2.0
Click the Registration Guide Link below to register for your Exam at the closest PSI Procter Center.  Be sure to choose CPT for the exam selection.  


Click below for instructions to renew your Phlebotomy Tech License after you become certified.  

Any further questions, contact information change call 1 800 499 9092 or go to and click contact us/help center