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This short course will help you renew your CNA license or get your license if you have prior training . See qualifications below.


If you need to obtain or renew your CNA license for nursing school.  Look no further.  We offer weekend and evening options to help you obtain your CNA license quickly.


Why renew or obtain my license!

CNAs are in high demand, they are essential.  No worry about finding and keeping a job!   They are employed at hospitals, nursing homes, home care, agencies, doctor’s offices, and assisted living facilities. 


Do I qualify:

To Qualify you should have only one of the following:

  • Have an expired CNA License in any state
  • A Medical Assistant License or training
  • EMT License
  • Took a State Approved CNA Course from any state.

  Fees -

Only $400 

Please put your name on the wait list below to be notified when we start enrolling again.

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CNA Refresher Information

In the Nurse Aide Refresher Course there is NO clinical therefore, NO TB test or Criminal background check are needed.  Please see below what is needed for the refresher course.

(You must register first before submitting documents)


1) Transcripts

We will need a copy of your high school or GED or College transcripts for your file.  It does not have to be official. You should get them mailed or emailed to you and submit to our office.

Call your school or go on their website to confirm how to get a copy.  Or you may Google any transcript ordering service online to obtain it.

If you have made every attempt to get your transcript by the due date and was unsuccessful by due date notify us via email at


2) Proof of Previous Training

To be eligible for the Nurse aide refresher course you must have submit proof of on the following:

  • A Certificate of your state approved training
  • Proof of CMA, LPN, RN certification
  • Proof of Military training to include CNA related training
  • A copy of your current or expired CNA license. (For NC you will go to , click verify listing, put in requested info, than it will pull up your listing even if expired.  Then you will click print and it will give you the option to save as PDF on computer to save and upload or print to bring in.)
  • A copy of an out of state current or expired license, visit to that state's website to print off the listing/expired listing.


3) Identification

A copy of a valid picture ID and social security card (no work only permits) must be a valid Social Security Card and you must be a US citizen.


Bringing Documents into our office

Scan your documents by clicking the link below is our preferred method. Or you may drop them off after putting in a sealed envelope to our office at 306 Pomona Dr., Suite E, Greensboro, NC 27407.  Ensure you put it in the correct slot at suite E.  The box is beside glass door near the bottom


Student Catalog

We will have all the policies and procedures for the school in our student catalog, please print for your records.   Please read it and you may download and print it and bring to class.  You can save to a jump drive and print it at office depot or library.  Or you may just save on your computer for your records.   


 School Catalog


What to wear/bring to Class & Orientation

You must wear any color uniform and closed toe shoes to orientation and class.  Bring a medical or a breathable friendly mask, pen, highlighter, and binder to class.



Contact us

If you have any questions contact us at or 877-221-7757


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